After School Care Arrangements and Student Academic Performance and Misbehavior in Middle School




Baisley, Barbara Ann

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The present study examined the types of settings in which students receive care after school and the activities in which students engage in these particular settings. Data were extracted from the National Household for Education Statistics 2005 data set using students enrolled only in 6th, 7th or 8th grade ( N = 4,659). The variables of interest included student academic misbehavior and student academic performance, the type of care arrangement relative, non-relative, parent, center and self as well as the activities homework/school-related, computers, art, chores/work, outdoor play/sports, indoor play/sports, and television/videos/music, in which students are engaged within each after school care arrangement. Chi-square analyses were conducted to assess any differences in the activities in which students were engaged while at after school care arrangements to determine to what extent these activities contribute to students' academic performance and misbehavior. An over-all pattern in the data regarding the care arrangements showed a positive relationship between the parent care arrangement and the occurrence of student misbehavior. In regards to the activities in which students were engaged after school, a positive relationship was found between homework activities and student academic performance and misbehavior. These findings provide some information to assist parents in selecting the best possible environments for their children after school.



Middle school, Adolescent behavior, After school care, Adolescent academic performance, After school activities