GEWEX Quarterly, Vol. 32, No. 1




Arias, Paola A.
Espinoza, Jhan-Carlo
Polcher, Jan
Kanavas, Zoe
Myers, Dan
Byrnes, Danyka
Bahar, Faten Attig
Abid, Muhammad Adnan
YESS Executive Committee

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International GEWEX Project Office


This special issue of GEWEX Quarterly contains the articles on the following: South America as a focus for hydroclimatological studies; active bystander training from H3S; a Learning Group on machine learning methods and more from YESS; the WCRP Safe Landing Climates Lighthouse Activity; understanding the diurnal cycle of precipitation in weather and climate models using long-term SCM simulations; Prof. Dani Or, GEWEX SoilWat Initiative member, is elected to the National Academy of Engineering; AdaptaBrasil MCTI, an innovative platform for analyzing climate change impacts in Brazil; the SOS-Cuenca project and Magdalena-Cauca river basin sustainability; the CLIMAX project and producing climate services through knowledge coproduction; the AMANECER project and impacts of climate-vegetation changes on the water cycle of the Amazon-Andes transition region; the GREAT ICE and ANDES-C2H programs, which share a focus on the ANDES as a nexus of the atmosphere, cryosphere, and hydrosphere; cpAmSur, climate simulations at very high resolution and complexity in South America; learning from convection-permitting simulations with the South America Affinity Group; and advertising for the 2022 3rd Pan-GASS Meeting in Monterey, California.



South America special edition, South American hydroclimate, Diurnal cycle of precipitation, AdaptaBrazil MCTI, Climate risk and adaptation, SOS-Cuenca, CLIMAX project, Knowledge coproduction, AMANECER, GREAT ICE, ANDES-C2H, CpAmSur, Convection-permitting simulations, South America Affinity Group, Safe Landing Climates, WCRP Lighthouse Activity