An open repository for single-cell reconstructions of the brain forest




Akram, Masood A.
Nanda, Sumit
Maraver, Patricia
Armañanzas, Rubén
Ascoli, Giorgio A.

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Scientific Data


NeuroMorpho.Org was launched in 2006 to provide unhindered access to any and all digital tracings of neuronal morphology that researchers were willing to share freely upon request. Today this database is the largest public inventory of cellular reconstructions in neuroscience with a content of over 80,000 neurons and glia from a representative diversity of animal species, anatomical regions, and experimental methods. Datasets continuously contributed by hundreds of laboratories worldwide are centrally curated, converted into a common non-proprietary format, morphometrically quantified, and annotated with comprehensive metadata. Users download digital reconstructions for a variety of scientific applications including visualization, classification, analysis, and simulations. With more than 1,000 peer-reviewed publications describing data stored in or utilizing data retrieved from NeuroMorpho.Org, this ever-growing repository can already be considered a mature resource for neuroscience.