The Road to the Singing Lagoon: A Novel




Fabiano, Mark

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During the encroachment of the ever-growing ethnic civil war in Sri Lanka, what happens when two brothers, from a small Sri Lankan village, fall in love with a young Sri Lankan woman, from a wealthy estate in the capital city, who is engaged as their private English tutor but who is searching for herself and becomes romantically interested in both of them? The Road to the Singing Lagoon is about two Sinhala Buddhist brothers, Sunil, 19, and Vimal, 17, who both fall for Heleen, 24, their private English tutor, a westernized Sri Lankan burgher, during the onslaught of that nation’s civil war in the early 1980s. It is about the confluence of their interior conflicts with self and others in this environment.



Fiction novel, Fiction father/daughter, Fiction Post-Colonial identities, Fiction South Asian politics, Fiction Sri Lankan Civil War, Fiction brother