Shadow Blade



Lebowitz, Josiah

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This thesis consists of the first third of Shadow Blade, a YA Fantasy novel and the first volume in a planned trilogy. It follows Keen Anor, a young boy growing up in an idyllic island village. After finding a strange sword deep within the forest, Keen gains the ability to transform into Shadow Blade, a powerful sorcerer. Guided by fragments of Shadow Blade’s consciousness, Keen eventually leaves his village to travel throughout the archipelago where he makes his home. During his journey, he teams up with his childhood friend Milla, and a young swordsman named Geld to stop the evil machinations of a mysterious man known only as The Emperor and bring peace back to the islands. Key themes include the sacrifices that must be made to become a hero and that doing the right thing isn’t always rewarded.



Fantasy, YA, Heroism, Young adult, Keen Anor