The European Union and the Roma: The Production and Sustainability of Marginalization through Social Policy




Thomas, Krystal

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This dissertation discusses the tension between Roma and non-Roma communities within the EU. The recent news story about potential child abduction by Gypsies in Greece sparked immense interest about the Roma by the international community. The circumstances around the alleged child kidnapping revealed negative stereotypes and prejudices about the Roma community. This study was designed to provide insight into the historical origins of these negative stereotypes and prejudices. Understanding the historical development and significance of these negative stereotypes and prejudices provides clarification to the relationship between Roma and non-Roma communities. Furthermore, this study used these negative social images to understand the current social, economic, and political situations that are impacting the Roma community. The research question is how is the Roma identity socially constructed within the EU. The methods consisted of textual analysis and analyzed the history of antigypsyism, EU perspective in regards to the Roma, and news and social media about the Roma community.



Social identity, Social policy, European Union, Marginalization, Conflict