Lesson Study: Teacher Support and Implementation



Stokes, Laura

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Lesson Study is an emerging professional development program in the US which engages teachers in a collaborative and long-term lesson planning process. Lesson study may be effective because of the supports it offers teachers. This study aims to explore three main components: teacher social, emotional, and instructional supports received during Lesson Study, barriers to Lesson Study implementation, and in-person and video-based modalities of Lesson Study. Sixty classroom teachers, ELL teachers, special educators, math coaches, and specialists from within the Northern Virginia area were asked to participate in an online 40-question survey. Findings from this survey revealed that teachers and coaches did feel socially, emotionally and instructionally supported during Lesson Study. Participants also experienced higher levels of social, emotional, and instructional support during in-person Lesson Study, in comparison to a video-based Lesson Study iteration. Additionally, this study’s results suggest that teachers from varying schools can join Lesson Study teams and still perceive similar levels of support as those who joined a Lesson Study team with a colleague from their own school. This study’s findings also suggest that time is the most frequently cited barrier to implementing Lesson Study.



Lesson study, Teacher professional development, Teacher education, Teacher support, Teacher learning community, Teacher collaboration