Embarkations (Or, Boating for Beginners): A Novel




Martínez, Marcos L

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In this contemporary recasting of the Great Flood, two couples—Noah and his wife Sarah, Abel and his husband Caine—board Noah’s boat for their usual Fourth of July jaunt. Smooth sailing until Noah and Caine, two married men who have been friends for over a decade, discover comfort in one another’s arms and engage in an affair that affects all their lives. Trouble ensues. Climate change, melting glaciers, broken ice sheets all conflate: the world’s tides rise as these two marriages flounder. In this newly deluged world, how will any of their relationships survive? While Embarkations circles around two men embarking on an affair, this book is less about sexual identity and more about two souls who find comfort in one another. At its heart, Embarkations (or, Boating for Beginners) is a love story set in a drowning world.


This work was embargoed by the author and will not be publicly available until April 2020.


Boating for Beginners, Embarkations, A novel, Book of Caine, Book of Jonah