The Case for Space: Reviving Cosmic Conscience, Provisional Reasearch Journal, A Provisions Library Journal, Volume 1, Issue 4




Sherman, Stephanie
Russell, Don

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Provisions Library


The Case for Space assembled researchers Heidi Neilson (NY), Huong Ngo (NY), Cassie Thornton (CA), and Kate Chandler (DC) in Washington DC to explore the ethos, aesthetics, and ecology of outer space and to creatively consider the role that space programs play in cognitive and spiritual life, social consciousness, and political progress. It proposed such questions as: how does space on a macro and micro level serve as a ground for human identification, relationship, and reflection? How do space technologies, tools, and tactics help us encounter plateaus of the possible? Can the diversity of cosmic orders help us imagine constellations for change here at home?


Provisional Research is a digital journal publishing the findings of Provisions research projects and residencies. Provisional Research seeks to provide free and accessible public information on creative projects, sharing strategies and practices for social change with an ever-expanding readership.


Visual art, Outer space, Mars rover, NASA, Apollo II, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Star Trek, Mae Jemison, Lieutenant Uhura, Nichelle Nichols, Women and space travel, Women in space program, Sally Ride, Mercury Seven, Astronauts, Mars, National Park Service, Moon, NASA budget, Drones