Microagressions in Male-dominated Career and Technical Eduacation Classrooms




Struthers, Brice

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The following paper looks at a consistent issue in American society, the significant gender disparity in career and technical education classrooms. The researcher examined microaggressions exist and their effect on student’s retention within the career and technical education classrooms at a large community college in the Mid-Atlantic region. The paper sought out three classes that exist as a non-traditional program for females, which included one engineering class, one construction management class, and one computer science class. The researcher observed these courses and then conducted interviews with five females from the courses. As a result, the research found that females experience non-verbal microaggressions, isolation, and differing teaching methods. The research helped expand on the understanding of gender microaggressions and how females experience them in the classroom. Based on the study, instructors need better information and training on how to identify and mediate these behaviors.



Microaggressions, Career and technical education, Community college, Females, Classrooms