The Remaking of the Dacian Identity in Romania and the Romanian Diaspora



Rosca, Lucian

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This study reflects my interests in the actual status of the ethnic identity in Romania, starting from the Romanian identity as the general frame and verifying the existence of the Dacian sub-identity as one of its particular frames. Dacia was located approximately on the actual Romanian territory, including parts of Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and the Republic of Moldavia. Dacians are considered the ancestor of the Romanian people along with the Romans who actually conquered part of Dacia during the Trajan war between the years 105-106 A.D. This qualitative study will analyze the interviews as well as recent books, newspaper and magazine articles, blogs and posts related to the Dacian and Romanian history, to its interpretations and to the Dacian identity or sub-identity. There will be three main groups of interviewees: Romanians, Moldavians and individuals from the diaspora that belong to the other two groups.



Dacian, Identity, Romanian, Revival, Ethnic