Accuracy and Completeness as Measures of the Quality of Volunteered Point-Feature Geospatial Data and Evaluation of the Effect of Demographics on that Quality




Mullen, William F.

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Over the last several years there has been a tremendous growth in the generation of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) data. The assessment of the quality and accuracy of VGI contributions, and by extension the ultimate utility of VGI data has fostered much debate within the geographic community. The limited research on quality of VGI has predominately focused on linear feature elements, such as road segments or points resulting from intersections of such linear segments, has shown that error within the data is heterogeneously distributed. Additionally, several studies have suggested that the quality of VGI is impacted by demographic information such as population density or the socio-economic characteristics of an area.



Geography, Geographic information science and geodesy, Accuracy, Completeness, Data Quality, Volunteered Geographic Information