Civil Society Advocacy for Reproductive Rights in Malta



Rosati, Jessica

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This thesis explores civil society advocacy on behalf of reproductive rights in Malta. It analyzes how civil society actors are promoting women’s reproductive rights, what factors are undermining the process, and what conditions may be needed to advance progress. Additionally, it examines whether a lack of full access to reproductive rights in Malta constitutes a presence of direct, structural, or cultural violence against women. Literature was reviewed pertaining to theories on reproductive rights as human rights, civil society as a force for societal transformation, and the violence triangle. The researcher conducted five semi-structured interviews with civil society actors working in various capacities for reproductive rights in Malta and conducted a thematic analysis of the data. Connections were drawn between the resultant data analysis and the theories presented in the literature to answer the research question and sub-questions.



Civil society, Advocacy, Feminist theory, Reproductive rights, Republic of Malta