Elevation: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes




Carpenter, Caroline

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In my thesis, I argue that the cultural and artistic movement of glass pipes of the last twenty years should be acknowledged in the history of art and be respected as an art world of their own defining a new division of decorative arts. Through personal interviews with a select group of glass pipe makers and analysis of their large body of work, I present a clear understanding of the history of this glass pipes and what drives the style, form, and functionality of their work. Along with the makers, buyers and dealers at trade shows as well as glass pipe collectors around the United States are examined. In many ways my thesis will be the first to attempt to validate this new form of glass and place it within both glass working traditions and decorative arts more generally, while arguing the glass pipe community has formed a new art world according to the rules of Howard Becker’s social analysis.



Boro33, Lampwork, Headpieces, Glass pipes, Glass pipe movement, Borosilicate