A Tale of Two Punk Capitals



Mann, H Williams "Will"

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This novel is about punk. It is about Monty Styx, a punk rocker in London during the late 1970s. He and his band, the Honourable Thieves, make waves as band thriving on the punk scene. Soon, they are successful enough that they start getting the attention of other musicians and movie producers. But when the band’s most prolific member, Joey Yes, dies, Monty is sent into a deep depression. As he testifies in front of Congress during an inquiry into the music industry, he stumbles onto the Washington, D.C. punk scene and consoles himself with the knowledge that his music and movement meant something.


This thesis has been embargoed for 10 years and will not be available until December 2029 at the earliest.


Punk, Punk rock, Punk music, Sex Pistols, Joan Jett, Roger Ebert