LGBTQ Students, Faculty & the American Community College: Campus Climate & Student Perceptions




Suarez, Victoria A

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Judith Baker first drew national attention to the dearth of available information concerning Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) students at Community and Junior Colleges in a 1991 landmark article, however, since that time, fewer than 20 articles have been authored on the subject. In the fall of 2014, an LGBTQ Campus Climate Survey was administered to a group of 51 students at a mid-Atlantic community college campus. Students shared their perceptions and experiences concerning LGBTQ rights and campus inclusion. The thesis examined relationships between 1) immediate family beliefs and students’ current actions and perceptions, 2) gender identity and sexual identity and the perception of inclusion, and 3) the stated prevalence of anti-LGBTQ sentiment and peer beliefs. Community college students in 2014 report a safer, more inclusive environment in which LGBTQ students and staff are visible and valued.



LGBTQ, Campus climate, Community college, Harassment