Ceasefire Drafter’s Handbook: An Introduction and Template for Negotiators, Mediators, and Stakeholders




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Public International Law & Policy Group


The Public International Law & Policy Group’s (PILPG) Ceasefire Drafter’s Handbook is a guide intended to effectively supplement the activities of negotiators and drafters of ceasefire agreements. This Handbook draws from PILPG’s experience in ceasefire negotiations, as well as state practice and comparative analysis of over 200 ceasefire agreements from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. This Handbook includes an Introduction to Ceasefires and an Annotated Ceasefire Template. The Introduction to Ceasefires provides information on the core elements of ceasefires, the effects of asymmetry on ceasefire agreements, the role of third parties, and the legality of ceasefire agreements. The Annotated Ceasefire Template describes core provisions and provides sample language for drafters to incorporate into ceasefire agreements. Although each template section offers drafters a guiding framework, it may be necessary to reshape the provisions to address the nuances of each situation.



Ceasefire, Mediation, Peace Agreement, Peace Processes: Strategies


"Ceasefire Drafter’s Handbook: An Introduction and Template for Negotiators, Mediators, and Stakeholders" Public International Law & Policy Group, May 2013. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5900b58e1b631bffa367167e/t/5b730a224fa51ab1083c22bb/1534265892577/PILPG+Ceasefire+Drafter%27s+Handbook+%28Including%2BTemplate%2BCeasefire%2BAgreement%29-2.pdf