Combining Operational and Spectrum Characteristics to Form a Risk Model for Positive Train Control Communications




Abadie, Andre

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Though there is a tremendous research effort towards maturing software defined radio (SDR) to cognitive radio technologies, it is narrowly focused on spectrum access or performance tuning. An alternative approach is to create a cognition cycle that facilitates risk management and improves the radio's security posture. In the instances where SDR technologies represent a critical infrastructure, this advancement would be novel and paramount. SDR technologies represent the future of radio infrastructures due to their ability to establish flexibility - the potential for users to adjust performance capability in their ever-changing operational settings. Yet with this transition to software, radios will face similar threats as current computer systems. Therefore it is necessary to begin formulating risk models that can assess this new risk environment. Though the threats are not known at this time, the risks they may present can be estimated and addressed.



Information technology, Cognitive radio, Information security, Positive Train Control, Risk assessment, Software defined radio