Inference Using Biased Coin Randomization




Plamadeala, Victoria

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We provide a novel approach to approximate conditional randomization tests fol- lowing Efron's randomization procedure by sampling from the conditional reference set. We use combinatorial algebra to derive the conditional distribution of the num- ber of subjects randomized to a treatment. The result is a simple and e±cient Monte Carlo technique that is invariant to the total sample size, the degree of imbalance between treatments, the choice of test statistic, or the biased coin parameter. More- over, it provides an unbiased and strongly consistent estimator for the conditional randomization test p{value. Additionally, the technique is easily extended to the approximation of conditional strati¯ed randomization tests. Finally, sampling from the conditional reference set enables the approximation of conditional randomization tests when sequential monitoring is performed in the course of the experiment.



Clinical trials, Randomization tests, Design-based inference, Restricted randomization, Monte Carlo methods