Copy Rights: Open Orders of Global Information, Provisonal Research Journal, A Provisions Library Journal, Volume 1, Issue 3




Sherman, Stephanie
Russell, Don

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Provisions Library


Copy Rights Research Residency assembled four researchers-- Greg Bloom (DC), Nate Larson (Baltimore), Anne Elizabeth Moore (Chicago), and Tim Schwartz (LA) in Washington DC to investigate individual and collective authorship in the digital age. The three week residency invited creative and critical explorations of the ways in which reproduction and replication enable free expression, empower creative re-use, and mobilize social justice actions. The group considered the structure of mass digital communication systems, examined debates around media policy, and reflected on the future power of shared intellectual property. Their projects addressed the implications of universal access, digital connectivity, copyrights and patents, privacy, information regulation, and dissemination in this emerging field.


Provisional Research is a digital journal publishing the findings of Provisions research projects and residencies. Provisional Research seeks to provide free and accessible public information on creative projects, sharing strategies and practices for social change with an ever-expanding readership.


Copyright, Art and research, Art libraries, Media policy, Digital communication, Intellectual property, Patents, Gender equality, Big data, US Patent & Trademark Office, Visual art