Diffusion of Swing Analyzing Technology: College Softball Coaches’ Beliefs on the use of Swing Analyzing Technology



Griffith, Megan

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Swing analyzing technology is a recent development in the world of sport science. Few studies explore the value of swing analyzing technology (SAT) in college softball or the adoption of technology by college coaches. This work helps bridge the gap between sport science and coach application utilizing swing analyzing technology by investigating the relationship between college softball coaches’ beliefs about swing analyzing technology and their implementation of technology. This thesis examines the relationship between the six attributes of the diffusion of innovation theory (DIT) and the likelihood of implementation and continued adoption of swing analyzing technology among two groups of college softball coaches, Non-Adopters and Adopters. Based on diffusion of innovation theory, a questionnaire measured the six attributes of DIT, likelihood of adopting SAT, attitudes toward sport science, and coaching experience and demographics. Survey data was collected from 220 college softball coaches. It was found that the diffusion of innovation model was partially supported, and that the groups’ adoption of SAT was influenced by different attributes. Compatibility was found to have a positive effect on the likelihood of swing analyzing technology implementation for both Non-Adopters and Adopters. The effects of Trialability and Perceived Risk were found to be significant, however, the directions were opposite, respectively. This was surprising and warrants future exploration. Further, the findings of this study suggest that the diffusion of innovation model should be utilized differently in the context of sport coaching. Much of the existing literature involving the diffusion of innovation model is set in a business context. This suggests that the context in which the model is used matters and may lead to a need for a sport specific model in regards to adoption of technology in the future.



College coaches, Softball, Diffusion of innovation, Swing analyzing technology