Sanchez-Moran, Austin

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Rhinocerotica is a collection of poems tracing one man’s growth in interest for the arts through an examination of certain pieces of artwork and ending in the title poem where the personal, political, and the imagination collide. The ‘Rhinoceros’ poems are derived from memory and misremembered dreams. The exploration of my own childhood memories of being introduced to art, dreams of floods, dreams of dying, and my Spanish heritage and history create the group of poems in this mostly narrative sections. The second section ‘Erotica’ contains referential, strong-voiced lyrics of both the sexual and ekphrastic, which explore the ego or the lack thereof in an artist; specific men or women in visual art; and inanimate objects that are not explicitly sexual. The surreal and final section, ‘Rhinocerotica’ is collaged, personal, historical, political, contains high and low cultural references, and aims to excite and inspire. I want to try to capture a communal climax through amalgamation.


This work was embargoed by the author and will not be publicly available until April 2020.


Rhino, Erotica, Rhinoceros, Ekphrastic