The Impact of New Media on the Practice of Journalism




Lambros, Valerie

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The rise of the Internet has altered many industries, including the field of journalism. With its multitude of resources and myriad online tools, the Web affords those who use it the ability to quickly reach many people all over the globe. However, these same characteristics have brought about unforeseen challenges for news professionals and have presented a host of items to consider in today’s wired world. This thesis examines the encroachment of the Web imperative on traditional journalistic practices by focusing on three aspects of the newest medium: 1) the immediacy of the Web and the subsequent imperative to update frequently, often with little new to say; 2) the ability to track audiences as never before, with the result that newsroom staff and business managers seek new ways to engage, document, and track the audience through eye-grabbing stories and images and interactive features, hoping to keep viewers coming back in a highly competitive medium; and 3) the inherent ability for anyone and everyone to publish online and the pressure that public accessibility places on the professional news outlets. By analyzing the input of practitioners in the field, we learn that not only do feelings about the Internet’s impact on the telling of news vary widely, so do the perceived notions for what we as the audience should expect as the Web looms even larger in our day-to-day lives.



New media, Journalism, Online news