Birthing Your Mother: Black Atlantic Feminism



Walke, Emani N

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Transnational feminist epistemologies seek to connect the lived experiences of women across nations. With the ongoing imperialistic nation-state building of the West, transnational feminist theorists currently center an analysis of nationalisms and nation-states to articulate the effects of globalization and capitalism (Mohanty, 2003). As such, transnational feminist theory also rebukes feminist epistemologies concentrated in normative White Western contexts (Mohanty, 2003). Although such analyses are unequivocally important, transnational feminist theory does not properly interact with the epistemologies of Black Atlantic women. By providing a theoretical intercessor, the Black Atlantic mother, I suggest Black Atlantic women’s epistemologies as sites for rethinking transnational feminism’s discussions of citizenship and nation-state, and ultimately propose Black Atlantic feminism (s) as sites for more humanly workable geographies (McKittrick, 2006).


This thesis has been embargoed for 5 years and will not be available until May 2024 at the earliest.


The Black Atlantic, Transnational feminism, Black citizenship, Black feminism, Transatlantic slave trade, Black mothers