Parallelism: Past Perlustration / Future Formulation



Caramanna, Brigitte

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This thesis describes my process and presents the research I have used to create my work. I will provide an explanation to methods of printmaking I practice and how that relates to drawing, exploration, and scientific discoveries. I discuss how nature has been the ultimate factor in motivating the work. The natural world has led me to contemplate what is possible in the multiverse. This has guided me into three areas of research: the past, future, and present. The past: focusing on mysteries of ancient civilizations and lost technologies. The future: taking a look at the how advancement of technology can lead to the loss of knowledge humans have currently obtained. Finally, the present: discussing what the consequences of the present will have on humanity, nature, and the universe. This research leads to the works in the thesis exhibition, which I provide images of and a description for.



Remnant, Etching, Portal, Monolith, Humboldt, Caves