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Goudie, Kelsey

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This novel follows main character, Constance, a recently abandoned housewife, and her interactions with the people who live in her neighborhood. After marrying Jake and moving to a fictional neighborhood on the coast of South Carolina, Halfmoon Harbor, Constance finds herself unhappy with herself, her life, and her marriage to Jake. After Jake packs up and leaves their life behind, Constance, being the only single person in the entire neighborhood, struggles to make connections with the women around her, the men who enter her life, and herself. Through her part-time job at the neighborhood marina, promiscuity with strange men, and her creation of a support group for women who want to leave their husbands, Constance slowly begins to understand what she never understood in the past and what she will need to do to be happy.



Marriage, Support, Fiction, Novella, Middle class