Key of Shadows



Medhkour, Yousra

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After the murder of Balmoorian monarchy, the pillaging of civilian homes, and the slaughter of many innocents, Balmoor is no longer a thriving nation. Growing up in Pondswallow, Rosalind feels as divided as the fractured nation of Balmoor she lives in. She yearns to call the people of Balmoor her brethren, but to them she is nothing more than a traitor and an outsider because her father is an unwilling collaborator for the imperialists that rule them, and her mother was Penumbrian. When Rosalind is tasked with the difficult decision of obeying her father or helping the rebels of Balmoor reclaim their land, unexpected forces come into play that will change her life and the future of Balmoor forever.


This thesis has been embargoed for 10 years and will not be available until April 2028 at the earliest.


Fantasy, Speculative fiction, Fiction, Magic