Real Time




Tucholski, David

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This thesis is a novel about a thirty-six-year-old software consultant with an obsessive personality named Brent Stannic. At the novel’s opening, Brent’s obsessions focus primarily on the past, namely the dissolution of his once hugely successful high-frequency trading firm called Real Time Trades. Six years ago, this event not only ruined him financially, but also resulted in a temporary but catastrophic mental collapse, the effects of which still haunt him today. As a result, Brent’s obsessions have grown incessantly worse, alienating him from his wife, Meredith, and his fourteen-year-old daughter, Angie. But just as Brent is suffering the destructive effects of one obsession, he finds a new, more dangerous one in a young, politically-driven co-worker named Ava Malek, and in her he sees a chance to connect. But while his attention is diverted with this latest distraction, Brent will fail to see a looming disaster, one that threatens Angie as she forms a dangerous new connection of her own.



Fiction, Dysfunctional family, Novel, Technology, Domestic issues