Detail from Civil War Map Illustrating the Farr Property, 1862




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Detail from the Map of N. Eastern Virginia and Vicinity of Washington compiled in Topographical Engineers Office at Division Head Quarters Of General Irvin McDowell Arlington, January 1st 1862 showing the Farr property as it appeared on maps around the time of the Civil War. This tract of land had been owned by the Farr Family since the late eighteenth century. Visible in this map are both today’s Braddock Road and Route 123 on the south and west respectively. Also note the inscription “Wid. Farr” (Widow Farr) denoting a house at the intersection of these two roads. This was most likely the home of the mother of Richard Ratcliffe Farr III, a lawyer and Confederate soldier, who built a house and general store on the same site after the war. The part of the Farr property, which became George Mason‘s Fairfax Campus is shown shaded. Atlas of the Union and Confederate Armies, Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1895


Scanned detail image from original engraved plate


Farr property, Farr's Crossroads, George Mason College