Rekindling the experience of freedom: from the collective to the personal... and back




Sluzki, Carlos E.

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On June 1984, in Santa Fe, capital of the province of the same name, in Argentina, I delivered a keynote presentation at the First Annual Congress of the Argentine Federation of Systemic Associations. This family therapy Congress coincided with a major transitional period in that country: it took place six months after the first civilian, democratically elected, president in Argentina assumed office, following eight years of ruthless military rule. Fully aware of the momentous socio political junction the reawakening of democratic institutions and of individual awareness of freedom, after the stifling experience of living under a repressive military regime for many years I chose, instead of delivering an address on one or another conceptual issue in the field of family therapy, to present and discuss a videotape of an interview that I had conducted in Argentina, two years before, with a family in which two central members had been "disappeared", i.e., abducted by military commandos and presumably tortured and killed. This paper describes and comments on that experience.




Human Systems: the Journal of Systemic Consultation & Management 8(3-4): 225-238