Predictors of Intention for Safer Sex Practice Among Single Women Fifty Years of Age and Older That Date Online




Stepanian, Natalie Alice

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This predictive correlational study explores the intention of safer sex practices among single women fifty years of age and older that date online. A literature review discusses the significant recent rise in the diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among this age group along with changing perceptions of aging, availability of performance enhancers, and access to a significant larger pool of possible romantic partners through online dating. Single women fifty years of age and older that date online, were surveyed about their demographics, STI knowledge, and sexual risk behavior through an online survey. A regression model revealed that specifically, as normative belief scores increased, intention to practice safer sex scores also increased at a statistically significant level. Understanding normative beliefs as a driving force of intention to practice safer sex is critical in designing interventions that will move this vulnerable group of women to commit to practicing safer sex.



Nursing, Aging, Public health, Baby Boomer, Older Women, Safer Sex, Sexually Transmitted Disease