Religious Peacebuilding Interventions in Sudan: A Comparison of Intrareligious and Interreligious Conflict Resolution Initiatives




Morton, Jonathan R.

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This thesis presents a comparative analysis of two different cases of religious peacebuilding in Sudan prior to the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005. The paper integrates concepts and theories of conflict analysis and resolution with a review of the work of two facilitators. Douglas Johnston used faith-based diplomacy to develop working relationships among top Muslim and Christian religious leaders and scholars, leading to formation of the Sudan Inter-Religious Council. William Lowrey cooperated with the New Sudan Council of Churches to engage at the grassroots level with chiefs of the Dinka and Nuer tribes in the People to People process. The thesis investigates the approaches they share and examines how they each creatively adapted intervention methodologies to fit different contexts. The comparison demonstrates the capacity of religion to play a positive role in a variety of conflict situations, promoting sustainable societal relationships through nonviolent conflict resolution.



Religious peacebuilding, Sudan, People to People, Conflict resolution, Faith-based diplomacy, Religion and peace