Self-regulated Strategy Instruction with the Self-regulation Micro-analytic Assessment and Attribution Training in High School Students with Learning Disabilities




Leins, Jesse E.

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This Multiple-baseline design study investigated the effectiveness of the self-regulation micro-analytic assessment (SMA)in improving the development of self-regulation during self-regulated strategy development(SRSD) with attribution training with seven high school students with learning difficulties. the study also investigated the effectiveness of SRSD on improving self-efficacy, attribution style, and academic performance in high school students with learning issues. The strategic instruction occurred during the regular school day in designated extra help periods. During these hour long sessions an (SRSD) approach that combined self-regulation instruction with attribution training was used to teach a note-taking and test-preparation strategy. Prior to the intervention, students completed three baseline probes and three questionnaires: self-efficacy as a learner, the self-regulated micro-analytic assessment, and the student's attribution style. After completing the baseline probes intervention began and lasted approximately 36 days, followed by post testing. Findings revealed that the intervention significantly improved performance on the criterion measures from baseline to post intervention, as well as, the students overall self-efficacy for learning and attributions for strategy-use.



Self-Regulation, Attribution training, Learning Disabilities, Self-Efficacy, Strategy Instruction, High School Students