Policy Watch: Will Kim Jong Il fall?




Katz, Mark N.

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North Korea's missile tests on July 4, 2006, briefly succeeded in capturing the world's attention, but this was quickly overshadowed a little over a week later by the conflict that erupted between Israel and Lebanon. North Korea's recent nuclear test, though, has galvanized the world's attention on this reclusive nation and its oddball dictator, Kim Jong Il, even though the test appears to have been something of a dud. Reports have emerged of a power struggle in Pyongyang between moderates (who want to normalize relations with the West to promote economic development in order to avoid the destabilization that extreme poverty can cause) and hard-liners (who fear closer relations with the outside world and economic development will lead to the destabilization that led to the downfall of other Marxist-Leninist regimes that tried to reform).


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International affairs, North Korea, Missiles