Assessing and Predicting Student-Veterans’ Use of Motivational Regulation Strategies within Higher Education



Prewitt, Bryan

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This investigation of student-veterans (n=131) use of motivational regulation strategies within higher education has two primary objectives. First, an examination of the measurement of motivational regulation using exploratory factor analysis. Second, an investigation of the relationships between motivational regulation strategies and self-regulated learning (e.g., motivational beliefs and learning strategies). Participants self-reported use of motivational regulation strategies, use of cognitive and metacognitive learning strategies, motivational beliefs, gender, and academic achievement. Results suggest a twelve-component measure of motivational regulation strategies within the student-veteran population. Findings indicated moderate relationships between these regulation components and self-regulated learning for student-veterans. Lastly, results from a series of multiple regressions suggest student-veterans use of motivational regulation is a component of their self-regulated learning.



Motivational regulation strategies, Self-regulated learning, Self-regulated learner, Student-veteran, Regulation of motivation, Self-regulation of motivation, Academic achievement, Metacognition, Metacognitive, Cognition, Cognitive