Interview with Prof. Harold Morowitz, May 3rd, 2007




GMU Oral History Program

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The collection includes four excerpts from an interview with Prof. Harold Morowitz, Robinson Professor of Biology and Natural Philosophy, on the history of the Santa Fe Institute. The Institute, founded in 1984, is an independent research institute devoted to the multidisciplinary study of complex adaptive systems. The interview was conducted on May 3rd, 2007, by the Oral History Program at Special Collections & Archives, GMU Libraries, as part of the Santa Fe Institute Oral History Project. The full interview is available at SC&A, GMU Libraries.


Clip 1 (3:48): Prof. Morowitz recalls and reflects on the Santa Fe Institute during its early period, in the mid and late 1980s. He mentions George Cowan, the founder of the institute, and some of the scientists who were involved in establishing the institute, including Murray Gell-Mann and Philip Anderson. Clip 2 (1:13): Prof. Morowitz comments on the impact of the institute on the study of complexity, which was made possible by taking advantage of computer technology for scientific research. Clip 3 (5:35): Prof. Morowitz describes the informal relationship between the Santa Fe Institute and the Krasnow Institute, particularly the co-sponsored conference: The Mind, The Brain, and Complex Adaptive Systems (1993). Clip 4 (1:35): Summarizes the impact of the Santa Fe Institute.


Santa Fe Institute, Complexity Sciences, Krasnow Institute, Morowitz, Harold