A Weapon of Technology: How the Internet Has Changed the Conflict Landscape in the Age of Instant Information




Scalese, Adam J.

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This thesis aims to answer the following question: How has the Internet and auxiliary technologies influenced the decision-making processes of human beings in conflict settings? Through research and analysis of related literature, this thesis examines the current discourse on the Internet and it’s affects on the human mind, human interaction, and societal influences and builds on the framework of Bernard Lonergan and Cheryl Picard’s Insight Approach to conflict analysis and resolution. There are also two case studies that serve as a basis for analysis of human decision-making in conflict settings and also the influence information technologies have on that process. This thesis serves to augment the conflict analysis and resolution theory and practice by introducing technology as a common pillar for understanding conflicts in the age of instant information.



Internet, Bernard Lonergan, Insight theory, Information technology, Insight approach, Conflict technology, Social media