A Matrix Isolation and Computational Study of the Water-Sulfur Hexafluoride Van Der Waals Complex



Leninger, Allison

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This thesis describes the theoretical and experimental studies of the H2O-SF6 Van der Waals complex as well as the H2O-NF3 complex. Both SF6 and NF3 are extremely potent greenhouse gases and therefore cause significant concern when released into the atmosphere as industrial waste. Until recently the actual atmospheric burden of these two gases was not fully understood when better atmospheric modeling suggested that they have a larger impact on the rising global temperatures than once believed. Additionally, complexation with abundant water molecules in the atmosphere causes the wavelengths at which these molecules absorb infrared radiation to change, making it impossible to accurately model the global climate without taking this fact into account. Therefore, presented here is an in depth investigation into the water molecule interactions of both SF6 and NF3 in an effort to better understand the impact of these greenhouse gas pollutants on our planet.



Matrix isolation, Global warming, Greenhouse gas, Computational chemistry