A Spatial Analysis of Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab References in Social Media in Sub-Saharan Africa




Rodriguez, Richard Michael Jr.

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This thesis describes the role that social media can play in showing how terrorist organization can impact people’s conversation via Twitter. The two groups that this thesis focusses on are Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab. We present a new approach of how we can look into how terrorist organization can be analyzed and see what kind of impacts they may have over different cultures. The process used in researching and writing this thesis, is we conducted literature search of the social media phenomenon and what social media can provide. We look to build on research by using the social media phenomenon to find what types of impacts terrorist organizations may have over cultures along with seeing how a terrorist event can have impact over people on social media. This thesis hopes to expand on previous research on the academic uses for social media, as well as add to the expanding role that social media can be used for intelligence purposes.



Social media, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, Geospatial