The Perceptions of Individualized Education Plan Meetings of Parents Who Have Used a Parent Training and Information Center




Blaiklock, David

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This study examined the perceptions of Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings of 11 parents of children with disabilities who used a Parent Training and Information center (PTI). The purpose was to examine parental perceptions of the effectiveness of a PTI. The characteristics of all children whose parents contacted the PTI were also examined. Each parent participated in an individual interview and the characteristics data were provided by the PTI. The characteristics data are presented using descriptive statistics and indicated parents of children with Autism (25%) or who suspected their child had a disability (19%) had the highest usage. The interview data were analyzed to identify common themes representing the perceptions of a majority of the participants. The themes prior to interaction with the PTI were (a) lack of understanding, (b) trust, (c) acquiescence, (d) lack of participation, (e) negative emotions, and (f) long-term. Themes related to the PTI were (a) special education rights, (b) special education concepts, (c) IEP meeting strategies, (d) validation, and (e) empowerment. Themes after the PTI were (a) better understanding, (b) treated differently, (c) effective advocacy, (d) active participation, and (e) power. These themes provide insight to how the participants believe the PTI impacted their participation in IEP meetings.



Education policy, Special education, IEP Meeting, Paarent Participation in IEP Meeting, Parental Rights in Special Education, Parent Perception of IEP Meeting, PTI