Individual Differences in Engagement During Leader Development: An Investigation of the Motivation to Develop as a Leader




Wallace, David M.

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A theoretical framework for understanding the relationship between individual differences and leaders' developmental behaviors is presented. I propose a new individual-differences construct called the motivation to develop as a leader (MTDL). MTDL is rooted in motivation to lead, implicit theories of leader development, and learning goal orientation. Understanding between-leader differences in motivation allows us to understand between-leader differences in engagement, an important aspect of leader development. Specifically, leaders with a general motivation to develop as a leader are more likely to seek out feedback and otherwise engage in their developmental programs. A semi-longitudinal research study, taking place in the context of an adventure-based leader developmental experience was conducted to develop empirical evidence of the nomological network surrounding MTDL.



Psychology, Management, Individual Differences, Leader Development, Leadership, Leadership Development, Management Development, Motivation