Newspaper Column: Uneven Rewards for County Boards




Nicoson, William J.

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The thin alphabet gruel in the payroll labyrinth nourishing Fairfax County’s bureaucracy is not shared with any consistency among boards of commissioners and directors whose work for county citizens deserves at least a sip of soup. Members of the board of the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) have received no compensation for their services since FY1997. That was the year of the great budget crunch when the county eliminated payments to virtually all board members of county authorities,commissions, and the like. But we now live in a time of fiscal surpluses. Frank de la Fe, a Reston resident who chairs the FCPA board, has sent a memo to Kate Hanley, who chairs the county Board of Supervisors, requesting that stipends for FCPA board members be revived.


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Fairfax County (VA), Fairfax County (VA) Park Authority, De la Fe, Frank, Hanley, Kate, Fairfax County (VA) School Board, Fairfax County (VA) Library Board, Fairfax County (VA) Water Authority