Redefining the Digital Dialectic: The Dialectics of User-Generated Media




Youmans, Kristin

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This thesis redefines a dialectical model that is appropriate for today's contemporary technological context, specifically based on the introduction of user-generated technologies. In the chapter titled "Dialectic Through History" I describe the history of dialectic up to and including its most recent use in the 1999 essay collection The Digital Dialectic: New Essays on New Media. The following chapter describes the shift from the Industrial Age to the Information Age, as illustrated through the transition from Web 1.0 technologies to Web 2.0, and then illustrates a dialectical model that is based on its historical foundational principles described in Chapter 2 combined with today's emerging technological, social, and economic contexts. The next chapter lists current day examples of today's dialectical oppositions between the social and economic principles founded in the Industrial Age versus those emerging during the Information Age. I then conclude by discussing the possibilities for the future of dialectic as related to Web 3.0.



Dialectic, User-Generated, Media, Digital, Wiki, Blogs