Women as Post-Conflict Agents of Change on Civil Society and Reconstruction




Christakis, Kristin Nicole

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In the aftermath of the conflict in Liberia, as well as the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, women’s movements emerged as agents of change in the realms of development and post conflict reconstruction. In investigating the role of gender following disasters and violence this thesis explores and analyzes the grassroots efforts and the impact of women’s efforts in post-war Liberia and post-disaster Haiti. Women are commonly seen as victims of war—at much greater risk of rape and torture, and overrepresented as refugees—whereas in natural disasters women and men are likely to be affected equally as victims. In Liberia, the possibilities available to women were shaped by the protracted nature of the 13-year conflict whereas the possibilities in Haiti were shaped by the immediacy of the earthquake. This thesis is a comparative study to examine the similarities and differences of women’s efforts at reconstruction and rebuilding their civil society in post-conflict Liberia and post-natural disaster Haiti.



Conflict, Liberia, Women, Haiti, Reconstruction, Disaster