Common Devotion



Dravenstadt, Danielle Wayne

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My work investigates the role of care in society. I define care as a serious and tender attention to someone or something. Fastening the button on the back of my daughter’s dress without tangling it with her delicate strands of hair is an example of my own maternal caring. I want to make care visible, mentionable, and call into question the impact of the presence or absence of care. My work oscillates between tenderness and its opposite, documenting an unpredictable time. This survey of artwork created between 2019 – 2022 embodies my inquiry on care: swaddling gestures that reminded me of my now five-year-old daughter’s infancy, solitary contemplations of life and fear, paintings that capture fleeting moments, and a photobook created with my eight-month-old son by my side. These works culminate to tell a story of my own experience of motherhood while remaining permeable to interpretation, inviting you to consider the role of care in your life.



Care, Photography, Motherhood, Photobook