Eight Years of Inaction: An Examination of the Struggle Between State Self-Interest and Defending Human Rights in Darfur




Baumgartner, Jessica

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The purpose of this thesis is to answer the following question: What role has state self-interest played in the ongoing conflict in Darfur? Through research and analysis, the thesis will examine the policy decisions over the last eight years of Sudan, China, and the United States regarding Darfur and the whole of Sudan. In addition, it aims to discuss the international community’s response to the conflict as a whole, along with the creation of the Responsibility to Protect doctrine and of the International Criminal Court. This thesis serves to unite discourse on influential international actors and the crisis in Darfur, and to finely assess the primary role that state self-interest has played over the last eight years in Sudan.



Darfur, Self-interest, China, Human rights, United States, Genocide