Requirements for a constellation of precipitation sensors




Kidd, Chris

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World Climate Research Programme


Satellites within the current precipitation constellation are old, with many missions beyond their designed operational lifetime. It is therefore crucial that there is a concerted program of new satellites and sensors to ensure continuity in satellite-based precipitation measurements. Planning the future constellation of precipitation sensors should include a long-term strategy for sensors that meet scientific and user requirements, support for current missions beyond their normal lifetime, new technology such as cubesats, and, fundamentally, a commitment to and support for current and planned precipitation-capable missions. Issues and considerations in designing this next generation of precipitation sensors are discussed in this subchapter, which also includes a concise inventory of missions planned for launch over the next decade.


DOI: 10.13021/gewex.precip.3.4


Future precipitation constellation, PMW radiometer, extended mission lifetimes


Kidd, C., 2021: Requirements for a constellation of precipitation sensors, in The Joint IPWG/GEWEX Precipitation Assessment (ed. R. Roca), WCRP Report 2/2021, World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), Geneva, Switzerland.