Boats Against the Current



Orabona, Michelle

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This thesis is a novel exploring what happens to Shannon, and her relationship with her longtime partner, Eric, when they decide to change from monogamy to a non-monogamous relationship. We see Shannon’s character development and the ways she grows, changes, and discovers herself and her needs, through her experiences with non-monogamy. It also explores how Shannon has come to see her worth as based on what she can do or provide for others. In exploring how she developed this character trait the reader will also get glimpses into her relationships with her mother, father, grandmother, siblings, and the men she becomes romantically involved with. Shannon’s mother, Astrid, has a brilliant, though troubled, mind which she uses to direct her astrophilia to scientific pursuits. From a young age Shannon created a mythology around her mother’s brilliance and thwarted career. She came to see herself, their family and the life they share, as what her mother had to settle for. Shannon needs to figure out whether she is polyamorous or wants to return to monogamy, if she wants to remain with Eric, and ultimately, what she wants when she is not considering the needs of others.


This thesis has been embargoed for 10 years and will not be available until May 2029 at the earliest.


Fiction, Polyamory, Relationships, Art