Simplified Integrated Transportation and Land Use Modeling to Support Metropolitan Planning Decisions: An Application and Assessment




Hardy, Matthew H

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This dissertation explores the role that a simpler transportation and land use modeling approach can play to support decision-making within metropolitan planning. Metropolitan planning is driven today, in part, by the need to develop and implement new policies such as smart growth, congestion pricing, and environmental regulation that affect transportation and land use. In addition, there are many different categories of metropolitan planning decision-making: policy development, visioning, strategic analysis, and tactical assessment, all of which need to be supported with data, analysis, and information. Thus, an important aspect of metropolitan planning is the ability to analyze policy scenarios in an integrated fashion using integrated transportation/land use modeling (ITLUM) tools. This dissertation reviews the literature, identifies a role for a simpler ITLUM tool, surveys practitioners and experts in the field of metropolitan xii planning, and develops a simpler ITLUM tool using the Washington, DC region as a case study.



Transportation, System Dynamics, Land Use, Metropolitan Planning, Modeling, Decision making