All Things Go




Mucciarone, Anthony

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This thesis uses poetry to explore the role the media plays in mass tragedies, particularly mass shootings, and to pose two central questions: What leads a person to commit such a violent act, and do these tragedies matter in the face of larger natural phenomena, such as the cycles of plants, seasons, and planets? A fictional persona, Garret, is used to represent the type of person who others may interpret as capable of committing such a violent act, and to explore the psyche and actions of such an individual. By intermingling poems from within and outside Garret’s perspective, poems from the apparent poet-speaker’s perspective, and poems from unknown or ambiguous perspectives, the thesis aims to raise questions regarding the legitimacy and believability of any one viewpoint as well as questions regarding the distinguishability, or lack thereof, between the viewpoints. Ultimately, the thesis struggles to assert both the forgettable nature of these tragedies and the hope that they not be forgotten.


This work was embargoed by the author and will not be publicly available until April 2020.


Navy Yard, Tragedy, Sun, Flower, Pulled text